GPC reinforces the concept of dialogue with Opposition [Archives:2007/1045/Local News]

April 26 2007

SANA'A, April 25 -Abdulqader Bajammal, the secretary general of the General People Congress (GPC) assured in the regular session for the GPC that the ruling party aims to find national harmony. He stressed to reinforce the dialogue with different parties, being a national necessity aiming to reform the political and democratic system.

Bajammal denied the rumors, by some MPs, concerning the political partnership. He added that the Congress aimed to achieve its objective to make dialogue with all political parties regardless of their different ideologies so as to join in the new development.

Additionally, he stated that the congress will not accept the breakdown of democracy. He also pointed out that there are some parties deviating from the new development. However, the Congress and its General Secretariat will continue their duties.

The Congress held a series of meetings with Joint Meeting Parties to discuss three key issues related to electoral system regulations, as well as parties and local authority laws. Furthermore, he added that the ruling party was trying to impose a control authority over parties' work.

However, the dialogue was halted because of disagreements with JMP over the issues under study. At that time, the congress claimed that they are in need for rest before resuming the dialogue.