Grant aids amounts to USD 40,959 Japan supports health services [Archives:2003/05/Local News]

February 4 2003

An agreement to provide medical equipment to public Health Office of Maharah Governorate was signed Wednesday between Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Ali Bin Afreer, Public Health Office of Maharah Governorate and H.E. Mr. Masamitsu Oki, Ambassador of Japan in Sana’a.
In accordance with this agreement, the government of Japan will extend a grant aid amounting up to USD 40,959 under the Japanese scheme called “General Grant Aid for Grassroots Projects”. This grant will be used to procure some medical equipment required by Ghaidah General Hospital in Maharah Governorate such as X-ray Machine, Ultra sound equipment and Indogastroscope to provide better health services to the citizens in Maharah Governorate.
The grant also comes in recognition to the good administration of the hospital and its keenness to provide better medical services for the people in the Governorate of Maharah.
It is worth mentioning that the above-mentioned scheme aims at supporting small scale community-based projects in basic human need fields, such as primary health care, basic education and public welfare in developing countries, in addition to other social development fields.