Great disarmament initiative [Archives:2003/663/Letters to the Editor]

August 28 2003

Ahmed Nasser Almashjari
[email protected]

I really appreciate the NGO that launched the recent arms awareness campaign and also to the tribesmen in Dhamar who have given their arms voluntarily. I feel that this is coming from a very brave tribe who has given up its arms in such an easy manner, and I hope that all Yemenis will follow suit.
Now comes the role of the government to exert the maximum effort and support such initiatives and also encourage tribes to disarm peacefully.
The government should hence increase stability and security and make tribesmen feel safe and secure when it comes to conflicts or fighting.
If the tribesmen who gave up their arms go into renewed tribal disputes and lose because of inability of the state to protect them, then they will definitely feel sorry for giving away their arms. The situation is hence critical and the government's role is instrumental to achieve positive results and avoid an even more devastating situation, in which tribesmen will never again give up their arms voluntarily.