Great memories of Yemen [Archives:2004/761/Letters to the Editor]

August 5 2004

Ian MacDonald
[email protected]

My name is Ian Macdonald, a citizen from Canada who lived in Yemen, Taiz City for almost five years. I taught English at Mohammad Ali Othman School for one year then I moved to the National University where I taught for four years. During my stay in Taiz City, I came to know a lot of Yemenis who were very hospitable, kind, friendly, easy going and helpful. Certainly, Yemenis are unique; they are unlike other Arab people. I have almost been to all Arab sates, but never found people like you, Yemenis. In fact, Yemenis, especially adults used to treat me like their father with respect and dignity.
I really missed them and missed Yemen, too.
I also remember your, Taiz bureau Chief, Imad Al-Saqqaf who was a nice guy and who chewed Qat with me at Alhakimi's house. Both Imad and Alhakimi were nice and good.
I hope to visit your country again and to meet my beloved friends.
Through your wonderful newspaper, I would like to convey my best regards to you and my beloved friends in Yemen, Taiz City.