Grieving the loss of Sheikh Mujahed [Archives:2004/797/Letters to the Editor]

December 9 2004

Fadi Alwadan
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
[email protected]

With all sorrow and grief I was really sad to hear the sudden death of the 'Mujahed' Sheikh Mujahed Abu Shawarib, may Allah and let his soul rest in heaven. Moreover, I would like to add that our beloved country lost a great warrior and because of his help our country became a democratic, safe place, so may Allah be with his family in this sad occasion.
I thank Yemen Times Online for giving us, the Yemeni students and permanent residents abroad, this opportunity of communicating with our Yemeni brothers and sisters all around the world and keeping us close and connected wherever we are.
Being the VP PR in the YSA in Calgary Canada, I would like to tell those who want to come and study in Canada or USA, please feel free to contact me, for I will be glad to help my fellow Yemenis at anytime.