Gulf Heart Association holds third symposium [Archives:2004/781/Local News]

October 14 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Under the auspices of the Prime Minister Abdualqader Bajamal, Gulf Heart Association (GHA) in cooperation with the ministry of health, held the third symposium to discuss the pneumatic Mitral Valve repair on September 29th in the Sheraton Hotel.
Dr. Yahya Al-Neemi, the minister of health and member at GHA, stressed the importance of holding such a vitally important event, and revealed that the symposium is considered as a good opportunity for heart specialists from the gulf states and Yemen to meet together and exchange expertise and experiences. Participants were able to share the latest information about cardiac surgery and diseases in order to improve and develop the cooperation between Gulf states.
On the other hand Mr. Hajar Bin Hajar, the Qatari Health minister told Yemen Times “The aim of our society is to raise the level of the practice of cardiology from a scientific, practical, surgical and medical sense, and to raise the health level of GCC states that Yemen is now one of. We also hope to have an effective workshop. Today this symposium is devoted to the development of cardiac surgeons.”
Hajar further said regarding expectations of the symposium “We expect to continue this kind of symposium in the Gulf States, and repeat some ideas annually.”
Mr. Abd Al-Hai, the deputy of Bahraini health ministry said, “This symposium is for discussing cardiology that means heart diseases. In Yemen today the concentration is on surgery of valve. Valve is a common disease in our area, Arab countries. There will be several surgeries being done here in Yemen. It is a symposium for cooperation to exchange ideas among whole states. We hope the symposium will be successful.”
Dr. Habeen Tareef, Bahrain, said, “As you know the GHA has a program of cooperation between all Gulf States including Yemen and we carry two meetings, one big meeting in each country and one small meeting like this one. As part of cooperation, we also deal with sharing views and skills that are available from different countries. As you know, Yemen has a lot of patients with heart diseases. In the symposium there are different speakers and the symposium will deal mainly with valve cases. So it will involve the expertise and experience of the seven Gulf States in the symposium. Everybody will speak about different aspects of valve and heart diseases. Hopefully things will turn out well in the end. I am sure that we will come out with more knowledge and exchange views with others.”
Dr. Ahmed Al-Motarreb, Cardiac Center Director, talked to the Yemen Times “This symposium comes as a result of the resolutions of GHA that state that there should be two symposiums a year, and that they should be held every time in a country of GCC. This year it is Yemen's turn to host this symposium. We attempt, through this event, to unify the scientific research and the medical activities between the GCC states, besides the medical cooperation that has already started by carrying out some surgeries by GCC cardiac specialists.”
Mr. Ahmed AL-Ansi, the general-manager of Al-Thawra General Hospital, also spoke to the Yemen Times “Al-Thawra General Hospital has become renowned for dealing with and healing all cardiac cases including simple cases. We are wondering why there is no specialization, i.e. Al-Thawra General Hospital should tackle the big and vital cases. Al-Thawra General Hospital is carrying out all kinds of operation. Today we are very pleased to host cardiac specialists here in Yemen and have a chance to exchange experiences and medical views”