GUYS launches campaign to uproot corruption [Archives:2005/881/Local News]

September 29 2005

SANA'A- Sept. 27- Under the slogan, “For a university free from corruption”, a campaign, made up of a number of active and leading students, was launched on Tuesday to contribute to uprooting corruption in Sana'a University. The campaign was implemented under the direct supervision of the General Union of Yemeni Students (GUYS).

The campaign covered a number of activities and functions that come as part of the GUYS's care for defending students and formulating in a better way their future, as well as the future of Yemen which is exposed to deterioration due to poor educational outputs in different areas and majors.

According the GUYS, the weak educational outputs leave negative impacts on aspects of daily life and the areas in which they work after their graduation.

The campaign's round's and phases start with the collection of documents and problems experienced by students in different colleges. In addition, many committees of students will be formed in colleges to adopt the issues and insist on the concerned parties to put an end to problems and barriers hindering students' progress.

The GUYS coordinated with the Central Organization for Control and Audit and some civil community organizations to have a joint role for fighting corruption, particularly in the educational facilities.