Haifi lacks supporting documentation [Archives:2004/765/Letters to the Editor]

August 19 2004

T. Gavan

Hassan Al-Haifi's recent editorials while not completely dismissible are certainly a stretch with little supporting documentation. It is a take-off on standard conspiracy theory.
While I can agree that some warped minds may want to do the things he alleges, it is simply too far-out to believe in this chaotic disorganized world.
I agree that terrorists actions are bizarre and counterproductive to Islamic causes, but there are groups in this world that will do almost anything. Look at the Christian Fundamentalists, for example.
What surprises me is the support that the terrorists have from the Moslem “man-in-the-street.” Unless the reporting is inaccurate, this support, for actions against Islam is surprising, even considering the emotion involved.
Finally, it would help if Mr. Al-Haifi would provide more concrete support.