Haifi: peace cannot be won by denial [Archives:2004/778/Letters to the Editor]

October 4 2004

Don Fraser
[email protected]

I would like to respond to a recent column by Haifi about the recent developments in Iraq. You intimate that the murderers of the Nepalese workers have implicit sanction of the occupying forces in order to discredit Islam. Saddam's hoodlums they may be, but you will never win peace by denial. The 9/11 terrorists were the product of radical Islam and given sanction by the very concept of the lack of worth of a so-called infidel. Al-Sadr's taking a holy site hostage was an attempt to have American forces desecrate it. The Americans showed the mosque more respect than the Mahdi army.
We take responsibility for the crimes committed by our (USA) troops at Abu-Gharib. Our soldiers who committed these crimes will be jailed. We are DEEPLY ashamed of them.
It is time for the Islamic world to show its HONOR. There is no doubt that it is at the core of Islamic culture. Islam is a faith of peace. But there are a minority faction of members of the Islamic faith who act outside its tenets and use violence to advance their objectives.
You must fervently renounce them.
Else, we are all doomed to a future of endless war between peoples who all want their children to live in peace and know that our differences do not alter God's love for any of us. He is not so limited in scope as we. Peace be with you.