Haifi’s columns not like used to be [Archives:2004/759/Letters to the Editor]

August 29 2004

Farouk Samawi
[email protected]

Once upon a time I used to enjoy Hassan Al-Haifi's column. I don't read it anymore. Mr. Al-Haifi, I am finding out, has a “Bush” fixation. I think he sleeps and wakes up muttering president Bush's name. On the other hand, I don't think Mr. Bush is even aware of Mr. Al-Haifi's existence. That is not the point, though.
I would like Mr. Al-Haifi to exercise the freedom of press that president Ali Abdullah Salih has granted journalists and name government officials in Yemen, or other Arabic countries, just like he names American officials.
Journalists in Iraq and Palestine have no problem voicing their opinions against their respective governments.
So, it is just funny, to me, that freedom of speech exists only in the “occupied” territories. Do you see the irony here?