Haifi’s illusion of conspiracies [Archives:2004/787/Letters to the Editor]

November 4 2004

Richard Rubright

When will the ridiculous conspiracy theories stop? Be it no Jews were killed in 9-11, or that Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad agent, or the 9-11 hijackers were Zionist and CIA operatives, or most recently that Mossad agents are responsible for terrorist attacks in Iraq; They all are equally stupid and sad. The CIA and Mossad do not have to spend their time making Arabs and Islam look bad in the eyes of the West. There are plenty of poor, angry, disaffected young Arabs and Muslims without opportunities in their home countries to do that for the rest of the world combined.
What is sad is that conspiracy theories, at their heart, ignore the truth. It is far easier for Arabs to blame their woes on agents of entities that are non-Arab (the west and Israel) than it is to take a hard look at themselves. Culturally it is harder for Arabs to point and name fellow Arabs as acting against Islam than it is to collectively pretend someone else is at fault. Ignore the corruption, bribes, nepotism, lack of opportunity, inability to openly question authority, the strangling of commerce, a tribal mentality etc. and simply say it is ALL the fault of some satanic force.
Eventually, IF the Arab countries (Note I said Arab not Islamic) want tap their wealth of human potential, it will happen through self examination. Not by inventing imaginary forces, agents of evil and other asinine notions to help maintain an aura of victim hood which serves no one.