Harsh words about Bush & Sharon [Archives:2003/663/Letters to the Editor]

August 28 2003

Christopher Calder
Eugene, Oregon, USA
[email protected]

The so-called “peace process” was a fraud from the very beginning and George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon are using its demise to rationalize stealing the financial assets of legitimate Palestinian charities. Ariel Sharon never intended to give back any stolen land, never stopped building illegal Jewish settlements, and never stopped his policy of assassinating Palestinian leaders. Can you imagine the United States honoring a cease fire with any nation that continues to steal its property and assassinate its leaders? Palestinians have responded to this illegal attack in the only way they can as they do not get free F-16s and helicopters from the USA. Israeli Jews commit the crimes, but the crimes are funded by fanatical American fundamentalist Christians who think God is a real estate agent that loves Jews and hates Moslems.
George W. Bush does not care if his support for Israel leads to the end of the world. Radical Christians believe the apocalypse will cause Jesus to arise from the grave and take all good Christian with him to heaven.
The USA can end this conflict any time it wants by threatening Israel with a full trade embargo unless Israel retreats to its 1967 borders as demanded by the United Nations and international law. But the lawless USA is run by the Israeli lobby and we are not a free people at all! America is not a real democracy! No matter who we vote for, the Zionists will always be in charge. The USA has become the biggest threat to world peace.
The almost totally defenseless Palestinian people have been abused by America's corrupt foreign policy for over half a century and it is time that all Moslem states unify in support of the Palestinian cause and not let themselves be intimidated by American's immoral form of Zionist fascism. America has become the Jewish Hitler of the 21st Century.