Hassan Al-Haifi responds [Archives:2003/670/Letters to the Editor]

September 22 2003

Hassan Al-Haifi
[email protected]

I have two replies. One to the writer of the letter published in issue 667 entitled “Are we fooled again?” by Abdulhaq. The second is to the letter published in the same issue entitled “Jewish perspective: What Zionism is all about?” Josh Merl.
First to Abdulhaq, I would like to say, “Thank you very much for your interest in the YT and the column of the undersigned. Well most of what you said is well understood by yours truly and most Moslems, it goes without saying that Jihad entails a rational, humane and effective approach to advocacy. One only has to remember that the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed (PABUH)set clear guidelines on the motives and methodology for Jihad. Surely such rash and callous acts such as hitting skyscrapers with airplanes, both full of innocent civilians, some of whom are Moslems themselves, are simply unacceptable and abominable and have no precedence in Islam. Islam insists that the ends do not justify the means. Moreover Moslems are accountable for insuring that the consequences for all forms of Jihad are subject to clear scrutiny, in terms of their effectiveness in serving the cause. In the latter case, the consequences have been demonstratively counterproductive and devastating for all concerned! It is worth noting that Hezbollah of Lebanon has demonstrated a remarkable astute management of an effort at Jihad, notwithstanding the efforts by the Zionists to discredit and belittle the significance of Hezbollah's calculated successes, while sticking very closely to the rules!”
Secondly to Josh I would like to state that “Let me assure you it was not my intention to be upsetting but rather factual. First of all, let me make it clear that as far as Moslems are concerned, Jehovah, Yahweh or as you call him Elo-him are one and the same Allah or God (as gentile believers call Him). Therefore, there is no specific God for any denomination of monotheistic believers, and this universal God, we all believe in will simply not allow Himself to be an originator of any “blessing” or “favor” upon any of his creation at the expense of an injustice to other human beings, which is what Zionism is really all about: God is not in the real estate business! This “small country” of Israel, for your information has more destructive power at its disposal than even most of today's major powers, let alone the “hostile” neighbors that surround it. This is in addition to the unlimited backing and support of the United States, as well as the highly organized international and resourceful Zionist establishment. The Jews do not have a monopoly on Semitic affiliation and there are many Jews who resent the Zionist philosophy all together including esteemed rabbis, therefore Zionism should not be equated with ethnic Semitic affiliation since the majority of Semites in the world are in fact anti-Zionists. I will suffice with the theological clarifications of your God-given claims, which we know God to be far above allowing Himself to be associated with any injustice of any form. One would be more inclined to believe that there is greater religious strength in the universal brotherhood of man than any chauvinistic doctrine which you seem to promote in your letter, which is really what Zionism is, no matter how you look at it.”