Heavy rains sweep shops, houses in Taiz [Archives:2005/867/Local News]

August 11 2005

Taiz- Heavy rains ensued by torrents on Friday August 5 fell on the city of Taiz, flooding streets and damaging business shops in 26 September and Jamal streets.

The strong torrents devastated cloth and gold shops, groceries and libraries. The damage was attributed to the poor performance of Taiz Protection Project and the failure of the concerned parties to ensure better monitoring on the construction process.

The project is faulty and there are no any barriers to stop torrents from flowing into properties of citizens and damaging them.

Administrations of AlKahira and Mudhaffer districts brought their equipment to dispose water out from the damaged properties, which suffered heavy losses estimated at over 20 million rials.

Taiz locals vented their anger at the government being indifferent toward Taiz Protection Project and the company that failed in implementing the project, which is said to be implemented without any previous study.

Additionally, heavy rains caused total devastation in different areas around the city and some locals received different injuries.