Help a Turk find his relatives [Archives:2003/655/Letters to the Editor]

July 31 2003

Sait Postalli
Kayseri, Turkey
[email protected]

My grand father is Ramazan Postalli, has been registered in Yahyali town in Kayseri, Turkey.
During the First World War he was a soldier in Yemen. At that time, he was captured by English soldiers as a prisoner of war for many years. That was during Imam Yahya's period. After Yemen's revolution in 1962, my grandfather Ramazan was set free and worked as a servant under Sayed Said who was an employer of Imam Yahya.
My grandfather Ramazan got married to Fatima (my grandmother) the daughter of Sayed Said.
In 1921-1923 Sayed Said was a resident of Sana'a with some of his sons. But he was originally from Al Taweelah, and Fatima was living in Al-Taweelah too.
Sayed Said had four sons named Yahya, Ali, Ahmed, and Muhammed and a daughter. The family's name of Sayed Said may be Saad Ali or All Suadaa. From this, we concluded that family members where resident in both Sana'a and Al-Taweelah. Ramazan and Fatima got a son called Ali, aged 3-6 months and a daughter called Aliye aged 2 years. Ali was my father and Aliye was my aunt, and this was in 1924-1925. Fatima obtained a paper from the Yemeni authorities allowing her to come to Turkey and back to Yemen, but that paper was lost.
Fatima died in 1956 and Ramazan in 1966. Both where buried in Yahyali. I have mentioned this story in order to get a help from anybody reading this letter to find and contact my relatives in Yemen in (Sana'a or AlTaweelah), as he will participate in reunion of our family once again. You can contact me at 99 0 352 611 30 07 (Work) or 99 0352 611 73 37 (home), or email me at the below email address.