Hezbollah achieved what was impossible for them [Archives:2006/970/Letters to the Editor]

August 7 2006

By: Mohammed Al-Ba'dani
[email protected]

What a shame when they issued their declaration they believe is sound when they charged Hezbollah with rushing into and daring to initiate an “uncalculated adventure” by attacking Israel, capturing two of its soldiers and declaring open war against Israel.

Unfortunately, they charged Hezbollah with such because they don't know anything about its great history in that it waged many wars against Israel, winning all of them due to their knowledge (al-hamdulillah). These wars were in 1982, 1993, 1996 and 2000. Hezbollah won, achieving great factors that are considered feathers in the hat of Arab and Islamic history.

Don't all of these victories prove that Hezbollah has vast experience, which it gained during these decades? Don't all of these witness that it planned for everything before initiating its “uncalculated adventure?” Don't all of these make us believe that it will win this war too?

But alas, our Arab leaders (the followers) dared to charge Hezbollah with causing Lebanon's destruction. They don't know that this adventure achieved what was impossible for them to achieve. The owners of this adventure created a huge threat against Israel. To the contrary, the Arab leaders' troops are incapable of protecting even themselves against Israel's attacks, so Israel thanks them for this.

Finally, we're sure that Hezbollah is going to win this war too, even if this “uncalculated adventure” is considered a new factor itself. And I dare say that we'll leave the remaining job for those who issued their wise declarations.