Hezbollah and Israel [Archives:2006/964/Letters to the Editor]

July 17 2006

By: Paul Kokoski
[email protected]

There is a serious risk that the latest dramatic episodes between the Islamic fundamentalist group, Hezbollah, and the state of Israel, will degenerate into a conflict with international repercussions.

One must condemn the actions of Hezbollah for crossing the border on Wednesday and capturing the two Israeli soldiers. However, Israel's military reprisals must equally be considered wrong. A State's right to self-defense does not exempt it from respecting the norms of international law, especially as regards the protection of civilian populations. Lebanon is a free and sovereign nation, and offers assurance of its closeness to those people who have suffered so much in the defense of their own independence.

It appears obvious that the only path worthy of our civilization is that of sincere dialogue between the contending parties.