High school graduates and specialization [Archives:2007/1103/Community]

November 19 2007

By: Abdullah Bin Abri Al-Nahdi
[email protected]

There are many reasons high school graduates specialize in the wrong section, as high school is divided into two sections: art and science.

If you ask why a student chose one section over the other, the answer usually is that by doing so, he or she escaped certain subjects he would have had to face in the other. Thus, the student didn't so much as choose a section, as he or she escaped one.

In doing so, he or she had no goal and didn't decide his or her future yet. Thus, his or her future is built on the basis of escape, which surely will end in failure. We should face our problems rather than escaping them or holding them in ignorance.

Most high school students graduate without even a basic knowledge about university. They have no idea what university is, nor do they know what college is. The relationship between high schools and universities is utterly lost due to lack of guidance in high schools and lack of information about college for high school students.

Thus, upon graduating, high school students find themselves lost in this world, not knowing how they got there or where they're heading. They go like helpless ships without a captain, carried wherever the wind pushes them.

Another reason involves high school results, whereby some students leave the decision to their results to decide which field they will enable him or her to enter, although they aren't supposed to let their results decide, but rather, decide their results.

In any event, high school students need some information to guide them, so the following is some helpful advice:

– Try to know your abilities: Knowing your abilities will help you choose the right field for you.

– Get more information: Information can be obtained by visiting universities and meeting with responsible parties there, as well as not neglecting modern means such as the internet, etc.

– Don't be influenced by outside events: What happens to others won't necessarily happen to you. Make your choice independent of others because you may succeed where they don't.

– Take others' counsel: Ask those who have experience and try to avoid their mistakes.

– Admit your mistake and change: If you discover that your decision was wrong, change it rather than insisting upon your original decision, which may cost you too much in the future.

– Optimism and satisfaction are important: When going to college on your first day, be optimistic because the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) likes a good omen.

– Finally, if you don't feel comfortable with the field you chose, be satisfied with what was written for you by God because in the end, you'll have happiness in this life and reward in the next.