Historic manuscripts [Archives:2007/1017/Letters to the Editor]

January 18 2007

By: Syed Fahmi Shahab

I am from Singapore and I work with museums and private collectors of Islamic art around the world. As many of these museums and collectors are looking at expanding their collections of Islamic artefacts, which include Qurans and other manuscripts for the year 2007, I am working closely with editors in many countries like Egypt and India where there is a large number of Qurans and manuscripts that are usually written centuries ago and are extremely sought after in the arts market. As these editors know their countries very well, we always work together in getting people who would like to sell their centuries old Islamic artefacts to museums and collectors around the world.

I would be very happy to work with you if there is anybody in Yemen who would like to see his or her artefacts, which are often family heirlooms, exhibited at some of the world's top museums and in the collection of prominent private collectors.