Hodiedah University hosts conference Zabeed to be explored [Archives:2002/50/Local News]

December 9 2002

TAIZ – Preparations are in full swing to host the first international conference on Zabeed on December 14 to 18 at Hodeidah University.
During the conference, a number of eminent professors, historians and researchers representing a number of foreign and Arab countries will attend.
The Rector of the Hodeidah University, Mohammed Boraih told the Yemen Times that this activity has come within the framework of the extensive efforts made by the university in order to present Zabeed in its originality.
“Our universities have a leading role to make the public know all there is to know about our cultural heritage through publishing and buying old manuscripts and holding periodical cultural competitions among students,” he said.
In order to raise awareness of the great significance of the our cultural heritage, the rector said that this could be achieved through publishing the Tihama magazine for reviving the cultural heritage and protecting the city from decay for Yemen in general and Tihama in particular, the rector also said.
In this context, a scientific conference will revolve around the historical importance of the Zabeed’s city in the Arab and Islamic world.
Objective of conference
The conference has garnered the attention of Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh with a view of promoting the academic and research responsibilities of the university.
The main objectives of the conference are:
-Giving a historical background of Zabeed through lectures in order to inform the public of the significance of Zabid’s long history.
-Announcing Zabeed as an international cultural sanctuary, particularly after the decay has been detected of collapses of some archaeological buildings.
– Attracting the attention of the governmental bodies concerned and the Arab and foreign organizations interested in protecting the historical and archaeological sites concerning Zabeed as one of the significant historical cities in the world.
More than 150 different approaches are to be dealt during the conference in the presence of 40 participants on the following six themes: Zabeed through history; arts and architecture; religious and scientific approaches; Mecca-Medina-Zabeed relationship through history; Zabeed in the memory of the world; Zabeed and its relation with other centers in the world.