Holy Qura’an graduates [Archives:2003/670/Local News]

September 22 2003

Sanaa, September 20 – The Charitable Association for Teaching the Holy Qura'an has held its annual ceremony on Thursday to honor the 190 graduates of the higher faculty of Holy Qura'an. Seventy graduates, 29 of them females, were awarded for their distinguished performance. Three hundred fifty nine of the faculty's students have already memorized Holy Qura'an fully.
Sheik Abdaullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmer, Parliament Speaker, thanked all those who enrolled to the institution's classes and confirmed that the association is a source of pride for all Yemenis. He called upon all institutions and individuals to support such associations.
It is noteworthy that this college is not confined to male students but also teaches females.
More than 930 students are currently studying in the faculty. The number of female students is currently at 370. Around two hundred of them graduate every year.