Homelessness [Archives:2005/821/Letters to the Editor]

March 3 2005

By Yousef AL-Khteeb
Faculty of Arts, Taiz

To have a home is something natural. Man by his very nature wishes to have a refuge to go to and there is nothing more beautiful and enjoyable than a nice home.

Nowadays, however, we find a social phenomenon of homelessness for large numbers of people who cannot afford to buy a home or to rent one. These people resort to streets or buildings entrances or cardboard boxes to sleep in.

Some of these people pick their food out of garbage or begging in the streets. Besides some of them think that stealing is an easy way to satisfy their needs.

There is another kind of homelessness, which can be ascribed to social reasons. Such homeless people leave home looking for happiness somewhere else, family life is not harmonious with their wishes. Discontent drives them to head for distant places where they can see something exciting, new and fresh.

Another kind of homelessness can attributed to the psychological reasons. There are people who cannot put up with the community in which they live.

They are always rebelling against traditions and customs and in most cases against laws and regulations. Such people find an outlet in homelessness. They cannot get along with common people thinking that these are narrow-minded.

Besides, the majority of people, in the eyes of these homeless, have a passion of indulgence in material life.

Therefore, these people resort to nature-seeking freedom, perhaps these people will go back home where they feel the need to do so.

It is not be doubted that homeless is a phenomenon not confined to a particular community. However, many governorates are trying to fight it.