Honoring More than 300 Teachers and Educationalists [Archives:2005/851/Local News]

June 16 2005

The Teacher's Syndicate Celebrates The Memory of 15th Unity Day and The Formation of the Syndicate

The teacher's Syndicate and its tributary in the Capital Secretariat, will hold a ceremony on the occasion of the 15th memory of the unity and the formation of the syndicate, under the sponsorship of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussien Al- Ahmar, speaker of the Parliament.

In the festival which will be held in the hall of the cultural center in Sana'a in the morning of the 16th of June 2005, 300 elite teachers, with distinct educational performance, will be honored. They are from the Secretariat and Governorates of the Republic of Yemen. The vintage members of the Syndicate since 1990 up to the last electoral session will also be honored for their patriotic roles in exceptional periods in the history of the syndicate since it was founded .

This honorary festival comes after periods of educational work of the syndicate, where it symbolizes a pioneer distinct experience in the field of free independent syndicate works, which came as a yield of the unity in connection with democracy and freedom of both political and syndicate activities, depending on the constitution and competent laws, in addition to international charters which the Republic of Yemen has signed in respect to its people's rights in making political and syndicate organizations.