HOPe is the Only Way to Peace (Part IV) Human Dynamo and Life Archives [Archives:2002/03/Law & Diplomacy]

January 14 2002

Professor Mohamed Yahia Al-Sharafi*,
MD, Former MP
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PO Box: 19387, Sanaa
Although the main target of our hypothesis about the human optimum or normal psyche (HOPe) is apparently to study the psychosocial aspects of human behavior and related subject matters, we find ourselves obliged to enter some physics, biology, chemistry and the like fields. This is mainly because of the functional structure nature of the human entity that we generally explained in the previous articles as from our hypothesis viewpoint. All human functions, physical and non-physical ranging from thinking to fight and flight is done through very complicated natural interactions between dainty matterless abstract theoretical thinking together with thick physical matter. Man seems to be the intersecting point of conversions for all planes of life. His activities are launched from strong psychobiological basis mediated through sophisticated electro-neuro-biochemical processes. Enzymes, hormones, proteins, DNA, water, nerves, muscles, bones, etc. are all involved in that. Yet it is done in the most harmonized goal-directed operations man can ever imagine and perceive.
The Cell or the Human Dynamo
God has equipped the HOMOSAPIEN race with very vast capabilities. His special capacities are extremely high and even miraculous, when compared to all other creatures known on earth. These human properties and functions are strongly based on and related to his particular and unique structure.
For that purpose, I think we should have a pause at this stage and try to give our noble reader a brief description of the basic human anatomical structure as related to function.
I hope to simplify this matter by avoiding unnecessary technical terms and specialized particular details as much as I can. But when that deems important, we will mention the idioms and explain their meanings briefly. Knowing those accredited scientific expressions might help the non acquainted readers in further studying and reference consultations.
The human body is formed of many layers or levels of classified living biological structural components formed and situated in a perfect architecture and wise orientation, so as to provide the most ideal basis for achieving intended functions.
The basic structural brick is called the cell. A number of specialized similar cells assemble to form a tissue e.g. connective tissue, bone tissue, liver tissue, etc.
Assembly of different tissues in structure and function constitutes an organ e.g. the kidney. A number of different organs gather and organize to form a system e.g. the urinary system being composed of the two kidneys, two ureters, the bladder and the urethra. Then all the systems are perfectly suited and very well organized to form the whole organism. The human cells reveal our inner architecture. Not all human cells look alike. An adult human, in fact, is an assemblage of some 100 trillion cells i.e. 1020- the figure 1 with twenty zeros in front. This assemblage is organized in such a way as we described above: cells, tissues, organs and systems, with groups of cells specialized in structure to perform particular jobs.
The individual human cell bustle with activity. In this microscopic world, a highly specialized intra cellular parts known as organelles are set in a highly organized system that conducts the many tasks which enables and keeps the human body life and functioning-see the photo.
All the cells gelatinous contents are surrounded by an ultrathin, cellular membrane. The filaments of this flexible cytoskeleton buttress the cell form within, they give it the ability to move and change shape.
The power plant of the cell is called the mitochondria, it acts as fuel ovens burning the food intracellularly available in the form of glucose particles, and provides the cell with the energy it needs.
The cells main product is the proteins. This is manufactured by ribosomes with accuracy and perfect control and under the direction of the DNA. One group of ribosomes produces proteins for export, another group produces proteins for the cellular internal needs.
As each new protein destined for secretion comes off the production line it travels through the endoplasmic reticulum for processing. The Golgi apparatus packages the protein molecules in vesicles before they move to the cell surface. The vesicles fuse with the cells membrane and discharge their contents.
The Golgi apparatus may also create lysosomes, bags of enzymes that digest bacteria and other materials entering the cell.
The nucleus lies in the middle of the cell. It is the cells inherited genetical archives. It controls and coordinates protein synthesis and all the other cellular activities.
The plan for work lies stored within the chromatin fibers that pack the nucleous. Before any cell divides to form two new cells, forty-six chromosomes take shape from these chromatin fibers.
Each chromatin fiber consists of a number of segments called genes. They are composed of deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. The DNA determines the make up of every cell and the hereditary traits of each one of us. The cell full complement of DNA (end to end) would measure six feet. An efficient packing mechanism allows it to fit and function in a space only 1/2500 of an inch in diameter.
Chromosomes and DNA or the archives of life
Each one of our human somatic cells possesses a set of 23 pairs of separate chromosomes contained very perfectly in the nucleus as we have said previously. 22 pairs of these chromosomes have been haphazardly labeled according to the sequence of their approximate size, starting from the larger (No. 1) until the smaller (No. 22). The remaining pair (No. 23) is the sex pair of chromosomes. These are either XX in the female or XY in the male. The Y masculine chromosome is the smallest in size. Each chromosome is composed of smaller units called genomes. These are present as chromatin long threads composed of DNA.
The DNA thread is a message of information written in a code of chemical substances called bases (explained hereafter). Each one of these chemical bases is written in such a way that even we can read and understand.
This natural cipher or genetic code resembles written human languages such as Arabic or English or Russian or French or Persian etc. Like the English language, for example, it is written in a straight line and with all the digital properties in that any letter carries the same level of importance. But the DNA language is better than the English language in being much more simple. It has a very well tolerated alphabet that is composed of only four letters traditionally known as: A, C, T, and G. The DNA is the greatest yet simplest and most astonishing and fantastic cosmic secret that man has ever been able to discover.
The DNA molecule is a miracle of organization structured like a twisted ladder. The side of the ladder – alternating sugar and phosphate particles – form the molecule backbone. The rungs are alternating pairs of four chemicals called bases: Adenine (A), Thiamine (T), Cytosine (C), and Guanine (G) base. Only two different pairings are possible. Adenine (A) always bonds with Thiamine (T); and Cytosine (C) always bonds with Guanine (G). Using this four-letter alphabet, the DNA syntheses the protein mix that fulfills our genetic inheritance as we shall detail later by Gods will.
To be continued

* A known Yemen Arab Islamic scholar and writer. Senior neuropsychiatric consultant and lecturer. Politician and former member of the elected first unity parliament. Founder of the HOPe, Modern Personality Theory and the cybernetics as per the three dimensional readings in time and place methodology.

What is HOPe
*HOPe, the Human Optimum Psyche or al-Sharafis Theory is a modern personality theory.
*HOPe is based on al-Sharafis new epistemological methodology called: Cybernetics as per the three dimensional readings in time and place.- The three dimensions being the Holy Quran, the Cosmos and the Human Psyche.
*HOPe is defined as: The state of highest integrity of psychobiochemical functions stable enough to transmit peaceful feelings and constructive behavior to the external environment- both physically and socially.
*HOPe is the common target of all human philosophies, sciences, cultures, civilizations and religions.
*HOPe materializes an ideology for Islamic revival based upon contemporaneous modern interpretations of the eternal Holy Quranic verses and the Prophet nobel Sunnah.
*HOPe is the convergence point of the three great Abraham monotheistic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
*HOPe is a vital preparatory phase for the ideal cosmopolitant human being that emits peace and love and respects the international values of human rights, democracy, freedom, justice and cooperative peaceful co-existence