HOPe is the Only Way to Peace (Part VII) HOPe, Peace, and Beauty are the Ultimate Future of Humanity [Archives:2002/06/Law & Diplomacy]

February 4 2002

Professor Mohamed Yahia Al-Sharafi*,
MD, Former MP
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As a summarized summation of what we have been trying to explain in our previous articles:
I. Biological life is the ability to resist all death forces, trying to invade the organism from the external environment. It is the continuous ability for adaptation.
II. Life is best at the degree of Optimality of the internal environment. Optimality is a necessity for live to continue.
III. Optimality is attained and maintained by the active process of dynamic equilibrium or, Homeostasis.
IV. All the systems of the living entity are coordinated and goal-directed to participate in the fulfillment of the process of Homeostasis.
We shall try to apply our methodology of: Cybernetics as per the three dimensional readings in time and place, to compare that simple animal life with the highly sophisticated human life in an attempt to understand and affect it.
The enlightened, Nobel laureate Sir John Eccles once said: The Human brain is a machine designed for a phantom to work in it. It seems that we both are converging towards similar understandings. If we go back referring to our previous diagram and hypothesis of the functional structure of the human entity (article No III, Jan. 7th, 2002) we remind the reader by the fact that the human entity possess four components, the Spirit, the Psyche, the Physical body and the Personality (which could be multiple).
Accordingly each one component of these possesses its own internal and external environment. Each of them needs Optimality and Homeostatic mechanisms to attain it. No doubt of that because each one of them faces special challenges. This in vitro (outside the whole entity) suppositions are necessary only for explanation. But the real in vivo situation is that the combination of all these elements and their obligatory needs and percussions is the real driver of all the human conditions (disease and health) and behavioral motives, (conscious and unconscious).
For that, the only way, in my opinion, for studying the nature of the human being and all branches and consequences of that is by having a proper informative scene of each of these components separately and of all of them wholislically. That is the real dilemma of humanity. This is where all apparently diverging epistemology should be recalled to converge and give opinion so as to reach a reasonable, accepted and practical insight that can help Man and solving his age-long mystery. Science, religion, parapsychology, cosmology, logic, history, sociology, archeology, psychology, medicine, etc. Even magic and myth should be excluded not.
Is there a Hope for HOPe
I have been stricken by the California University Professor of History, Dr. Russel Jacoby. In his famous book: The end of Utopia, Jacoby has put forward an important question to humanity. He raised the question: could the future be something different from the present? And are there people who still believe in that? He tried to answer this question through out the six fascinating chapters of his book. Yes fascinating, by just looking at the titles: The end of ideology; the myth of multi culturalism; popular culture and anarchy; the intellectuals from utopia to visionary failure; thick beauty and thin Nationalism; and lastly Wisdom in Partitioning and madness in whole.
Dr. Jacoby has lead healthy thorough discussions for the works of many scholars, such as the lectures of Samouel Colridge and Raymonds Arons The Opium of the Intellectuals and Arons writings since the forties. He has reached very interesting suggestions which could be sought in his good book.
Actually I have passed through many similar works by Arab and Western writers that have formulated a new branch of human sciences called the cultural studies where study of history is mixed with studying all particulars of cultures.
My answer to the questions of Dr. Russel Jacoby is: Yes the future could be something very much better than the past and the present. And yes there are believers in that. One of them is my very simple humble self. I do believe that global peace, security and happiness is definitely going to be the prevailing values at the ultimate end of humanity. I believe, and this might sound strange, that I have some of the basic knowledge about how could that be achieved. I am going to present it as the late Arab Islamic scholar and martyr of free thinking ustaz Mahmmoud Mohammed Taha, the teacher, put it while speaking about the creation of beauty:
We are heralds of glad tidings for a new world and we call for its fulfillment. And we think that we knew the practical way towards it. That new world shall be inhabited by free men and women whose hearts are purified from hatred and grudge, and their minds are free from ridicule and myth.
They are from all regions of this planet fraternally love each others in peaceful cooperation and coexistence. They have devoted themselves and their environment for the creation of beauty. For that they became the masters of this planet. Through them life gradually ascends up step by step till it becomes a foliage green garden gloriously giving new blossoms and new fruits everyday.
The Mobiles of HOPe
This precious high human peak could be reached by every human being only if he is capable of achieving the Human Optimum Psyche (HOPe). HOPe is the free individual who thinks as he wants, speaks as he thinks, and behaves as he speaks. A true united ideal proper human who has attained the degree of the human being optimality. A state of harmony and peace which is conceived as the highest integrity of psychobiological functions stabilized by ready continuous wide homeostatic mechanisms, spiritual, psychological, physical and social. Marked by serenity, tranquility, security, satisfaction and stability. Purified from the four negative psychological feelings:
Fear (anxiety); Depression (sadness), Aggression (enmity), and Paranoia (pathological delusional doubts). Healthily preoccupied by love and free from hatred. Radiating love, peace and constructive behavior to the external environment: all his human brethrens, living and static creatures. The models of this HOPe are all prophets of God, Mohammed, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, etc (peace upon them).
Optimality is the degree of equilibrium or the zero point between two different antagonisting values. It is actually a range representing the medium. All monotheistic Abraham religion calls for its attainment. We, Moslems call for it. Actually we are supposed to be models of the medium range for all the people. Our model is considered to be the Apostle Mohammed (peace upon him)
By properly imitating Mohammed and honestly following his path we shall reach this degree of harmony, security and peace. This degree (which is actually a range) is the best for all the seven high human functions (revise article No II, 31 Dec. 2001). Prophet Mohammed has propheced fourteen centuries ago that his brothers are coming in a late epoch. They are going to revive his righteous pathway despite the time-distance between him and them. He said O, Im deeply longing for my brothers, his disciples followers, the companions (Al-Sahabah) said: are we not your brothers, O Apostle of God? He said No, youre my companions. They said: who are your brothers then? He said: they are people coming at the end of time, reviving my proper righteous Sunnah pathway, the profits (from God) of each active one of them is like the sum profits of seventy of you; because you find support for the good-doing while they do not find that.
These are the models needed today by our hungry international human society. I do believe that there will emerge very soon.
This could only be done by reviving Islam in its innate (fitra) initial form, and presenting it peacefully in a scientific language acceptable to the modern civilized human society of our contemporary era. In this way Islam is going to be the psychological remedy for all individuals and the social balsam for all societies. No doubt, Islam in its new form of understanding is the religion of the enlightened future of the ideal human being.
How can we build the human optimum psyche (HOPe)
This question and all the particulars of our HOPe Theory will be discussed in our book and series of articles that will appear very soon in both Arabic and English languages, in shaa Allah.
By this 7th part, I have come to the end of my introductory series of articles about my HOPe modern personality theory. I think we have covered some basic knowledge needed to understand the deeper particulars of the theory. We have also raised some topics for public panel discussions. I call for all my noble readers to send me their opinions and questions if any. I feel this interaction is necessary for continuation and further development. I am very hopeful that my beloved patient readers will find it important and pardon me. I am proud of them all. Especially my dear honest friend and brother Dr. Faraj Bin Ghanem who has been following this work weekly with a very cautious knowledgeable yet critical eye. I have benefited greatly from his enlightened criticism and important advices. To him, Faraj Bin Ghanem, to my father late sheikh Yahia Hussein Al-Sharafi, and to their patriotic fellow and comrade late Ustaz Mohammad Mahmmoud Al-Zubairi, the martyr of freedom. I devote this introductory series of HOPe. It is presented for all the people of our human family whom I sincerely call to join the HOPe trend and school of thought if they are looking for real peace, security and happiness.
And our last call is praise be to Allah, the God of all cosmos

What is HOPe
*HOPe, the Human Optimum Psyche or al-Sharafis Theory is a modern personality theory.
*HOPe is based on al-Sharafis new epistemological methodology called: Cybernetics as per the three dimensional readings in time and place.- The three dimensions being the Holy Quran, the Cosmos and the Human Psyche.
*HOPe is defined as: The state of highest integrity of psychobiochemical functions stable enough to transmit peaceful feelings and constructive behavior to the external environment- both physically and socially.
*HOPe is the common target of all human philosophies, sciences, cultures, civilizations and religions.
*HOPe materializes an ideology for Islamic revival based upon contemporaneous modern interpretations of the eternal Holy Quranic verses and the Prophet nobel Sunnah.
*HOPe is the convergence point of the three great Abraham monotheistic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
*HOPe is a vital preparatory phase for the ideal cosmopolitant human being that emits peace and love and respects the international values of human rights, democracy, freedom, justice and cooperative peaceful co-existence