HOPe is the Way to Peace [Archives:2001/51/Law & Diplomacy]

December 17 2001

Professor Mohamed Yahia
Al-Sharafi (MD)-Former MP
In our contemporary era, the twenty first century, and due to the great vast scientific advances and technological revolution achieved by mankind, our planet is becoming a village in space.
These new relations exert new challenges that demand suitable solutions. On top of these is the most vital demand of recognizing the other, respecting his views, values, practices etc, and mutually living in peaceful co-existence with him. Then comes all set of basic values recognized and respected by the international human society.
These values are the most precious fruits of a long history of human suffering, trials, errors, wars, slavery, crimes, justice and injustice, knowledge and ignoranceetc. They are very expensive. Every human being should know that, and regardless of his opinions, religion or views, he should accept, respect and protect these basic human values. On top of these are: human rights, democracy, freedom and peaceful co-existence.
A continuos reminder of that should always be the sacred task of all wise men from all religions, cultures, races, countries of the world. This reminder is an utmost must today, after the very sad events of 11Sept.2001 that shock all human societies. All efforts should be made to understand and study this strange phenomena of terrorism and to find the most effective curative means to eradicate it.
Unfortunately, for the last decades, Islam has been accused of encouraging terrorism. This increases the burden upon wise Muslim scholars to understand to what extent this is true and to find genuine solutions to problems facing Muslim youths, especially those which, owing to misunderstanding, motivate them to carry out mal practices such as aggression and violence in the name of Islam.
Islam is a nobel religion, because it is the religion chosen by Allah, the one God, for all of his creatures especially Human beings. do they seek, perchance, a faith other than in God, although it is unto Him that what ever is in heavens and on earth surrender itself, willingly or unwillingly, since unto Him all must return Aal-Imran-Surah (3).
So all practices of Muslims are originating from their understanding to the holy Quranic scriptures and the ideal Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. For this reason, the responsibility of any wrong practices lies on Muslims (Humans) and not Islam (Holy scriptures).
In order to understand the human behavior and its motivations we have to deal with human psychology. And, to understand the deviations from the normal ideal behaviors we ought to define the normal or optimum human psyche, its mechanism of action and all related subjects. Religion, its nature and role in the human psyche should also be studied. All of that should be done through a proper scientific methodology that adopts, as much as possible, the most recent advances in all disciplines of human epistemology. This is what we have theorized and called (The Human Optimum Psyche-HOPe,) in an attempt to find solutions to problems of terrorism in the Muslim world and all humanity. We believe that HOPe is not the only means to combat terrorism, but it helps eradicate it. The only equation to remove violence and aggression out of the International Human Society and to protect every man and woman from its evil is by establishing tolerance and values of mutual co-existence among all people.
This could be implemented only if the human society is capable of attaining three factories is capable of attaining a three factorial equation.
1st: Identification of a set of moral theoretical principles, that recognizes the contemporary values adopted by the international human community, especially:
a) the human rights (including women rights).
b) democracy and the role of law.
c) freedom (personal, societaletc), recognizing other human mates and their rights to exist, believe and practice all their convictions.
d) global or international relations, essentially demand peaceful mutual co-existence.
2nd: A healthy internally harmonized and balanced self (human machine) capable of understanding and adopting that set of moral theoretical principles and translating it into a behavior; i.e. the Optimum Human Psyche (HOPe), internal harmony and peace emit peace to the external environment.
3rd: A prevailing environment that helps educate and guard this set of principles and values.
It is to be mentioned that Yemen is an important country and society in the region, the Arab and Islamic world and the International society. It is now due time for Yemeni scholars to participate positively in top issues concerning Islam and the whole world. There is nowadays no more serious and no more important issue than understanding the phenomena of terrorism and describing the best ways of combating and eradicating it.
Introducing HOPe theory
HOPe- Human Optimum Psyche is a modern personality theory- Founded by professor Mohammed Yahia Al-Sharafi, the known Yemeni Arab Islamic Scholar and neuropsychiatric lecturer and consultant.
It is based upon contemporary Islamic concepts deduced form modern new understanding and pioneering interpretations of the holy Quranic verses, based upon recent scientific discoveries and different cultural epistemological sources. HOPe is a state of intrapsychic balance, harmony and peace that is emitting peace to the external environment with its all mankind and creatures.
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*Al-Sharafi Theory of Human Optimum Psyche (HOPe).
*HOPe is the state of highest integrity of psychobiochemical functions.
*HOPe leads to constructive peaceful feelings and behaviors.
*HOPe is the point of convergence of the three major Ibrahimite religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
*HOPe is the intersection point of science and religion.