Hoping Aden prosperity [Archives:2005/814/Letters to the Editor]

February 7 2005

Salah Hamood
[email protected]

I read the very encouraging news about the Port of Aden in your newspaper. One hopes that all bids are scrutinized on merit, and not, as it is well known about Yemen, on the basis of which bidder pays more to the officials.

Many a good project was lost due to the greed and corruption of officials, while the region is in dire need of investors.

Let's hope and pray that this project sees light.

Meanwhile, I must also say that to start with and to ensure that the intended work of the COCC will be fruitful, all officials at the helm of said organisation must have a clean bill of health. Do they?

As the saying goes in Arabic: 'faqid al-shay la yo'teeh' (whoever doesn't have something, cannot give it!)