Housing investments in Yemen [Archives:2003/654/Letters to the Editor]

July 28 2003

Mustafa A. Ahmed
[email protected]

I am a Yemeni national living abroad for over 28 years. I have visited Yemen in recent years. After all this long time being abroad, I have thought of returning home. Of course, there must be some basic securities to make return home. One of the important is having a decent house and small business that I can make a living for the rest of my life and for my kids in the future.
However, I feel stranger to the rules and the system, due to the ambiguity and scarce of information sources. Even the citizens at home, they know little of the country. I read several prospects for the Yemeni expatriates through the media, with almost no existence at reality.
I would like to know, why there is no housing investment projects available for the Yemeni expatriates. I do understand there was a lot of foul ups in the past, which have discouraged the Yemenis to contribute to such projects. Does the new minister have any plan to launch such projects? What does the local investors stopping them to do such projects, while they are thriving to do invest in abroad? For me it is easy at present to purchase a house in Maldives Islands than one in Sana'a.
I would highly appreciate, if you can a write subject about this issue, and make a questionnaire for Yemeni expatriates and interview the local businessmen and the concerned government sectors. Your cooperation in this subject is highly appreciated.