How could Arabs keep silent? [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Osama alshargabi
[email protected]

I am one of so many Muslims who are greatly sad because of the recent oppressive attack on Iraq. How could Arabs keep silent while their brothers are massacred by those who claim to be “the guards of peace”? I really don't know whether to cry or laugh when I see the aggressors very angry because of their POW's being paraded on TV.
The real paradox was that when they described this process as “violation of the Geneva Conventions”, they themselves demonstrated that they are the biggest violators of all UN resolutions. Nobody should ever doubt the sad truth that we are living the life of jungle where “right is might”.
“We love American people and we are become really sad when seeing the dead bodies of the American soldiers who are forced to go to war.” This is what an Iraqi man once said about the deaths of American soldiers. This is a real representation of Islamic principles, because Islam is a religion of universal peace and love to one another. We are really helpless. The angry massive protests all around the world are a clear evidence of the deeply founded truth of the futility of this war and its evil purposes. The least we can do for the time being is to pray for our brothers who have suffered and continue to suffer more than any other nation in recent history.