How to disprove the truth? [Archives:2004/710/Opinion]

February 9 2004

What the Bush Administration has finally come to show us is that lies can never be killed, they just change in form, context and content. It is truly amazing that even after one year of attempted deception, the people who have been told again and again before their moronic adventure in Iraq, there is really no reason to go against the Iraqi people and their leader was then as harmless (at least to America and even his neighbors) as any worn out fumbling leader could ever be, so keep the boys home, George and start tackling the real issues confronting the US, these same people are still adamant at convincing us that the reasons for which they sent so many American young men to a war theater that was at best inhospitable still stand. They did not stand a year ago in the eyes of many an astute observer throughout the world, notwithstanding all the emotional pre-war zeal by all the icons of the Bush Administration from Paul Wolkowitz, to Richard Cheney, to Condoleezza Rice and even the dramatic theatrics of Colin Powell at the UN Coliseum.
But even the very people sent by the Bush Administration to seek out those stowed away WMD, couldn't help but insist that in fact there were no WMD of any kind, to be found in Iraq. Mind you this was after an extensive unobstructed search guarded by well over a hundred thousand of the elite of the American military and all their sophisticated war gear. So, what is the real beef, Mr. Bush and co? The corn has now really turned rotten and there is no sense in persisting to make fools out of the entire world again. What the people of Iraq (and we are sure of the United States as well) are interested in finding out is, what is the real reason for all this waste of blood and energy and the American taxpayer's money? Forget about the WMD tales in all their manifestations, because they have simply worn out and no matter how George Tenet and the other icons in the tragedy twist and turn the case of the WMD bedtime story, it is now quite clear that the war song was being played even before the WMD tale had its screen and teleplay written up. Now all Mr. Bush has to tell us is why he was adamant on an Iraqi adventure, when the seemingly genuine adventure in Afghanistan has yet to be closed off? If there is no reason that would be convincing other than the WMD tale, we can tell Mr. Bush of a hundred and one reason to go to war. At least as far as most people of the world and we hope by now most Americans, the WMD tale just isn't digestible anymore. So, let your boys start cooking up a new tale at least to keep us busy trying to disprove it for another year, until you set up your own investigators to disprove it, as the Kay team disproved the WMD tale. We are really getting bored with the WMD scenarios and you can forget about trying to find anything to “disprove that they do not exist”, as the play on words artist, Donald Rumsfeld has now suggested. Must the WMD tale go on forever in the Bush Administration, as if their life depended on it? The best thing would be to forget about it altogether and just go on with your business talking about fighting terror, getting gays legally married and all the important issues that are at the forefront of the Bush Administration policy agenda. But WMD, this is as far as we are prepared to take from the Bush Administration or the Blair Administration. Imagine, the BBC had to apologize for having to inform the British people that there is something fishy in all this WMD business and they were not about to lose their credibility, for a fairy tale that couldn't convince anyone familiar with the politics of the Middle East. Yet, even the BBC must admit that they got over zealous in doing the professional job that is expected of them, at least by the British taxpayers, who fund the station. But, the Blair, who was the person who launched the first major intelligence theatrics on the WMD tale, was not about to back down, and had to also continue to insist that the WMD tale must go on like a Mexican soap opera, otherwise, he will turn out to be the final scapegoat of the United States, once the White House runs out of semantics to beat around the Bush! Yes, it was because of the convincing tale given by Mr. Blair that the US was adamant on getting Saddam Hussein into a whole in the ground, and that is what keeps Blair so hung up on the WMD tale.
As for those of us, who did not for one moment buy the WMD tale, we feel now it is time to ask a lot more pertinent questions? Why doesn't the Bush Administration carry out the promise of democracy for the Iraqis and tell Brenner to nod his head for free elections in Iraq? Then, there might be a chance that the rest of the world will lend credence to the post WMD tale, of bringing democracy and peace and tranquility to Iraq. After all none of these has materialized in any shape or form on the ground in Iraq. Quite the contrary is what we are seeing, as now more Americans have died in Iraq than those that died on the Road to Baghdad. It is time to do something that we can have a chance to applaud for once. Otherwise, at least keep the WMD tale just between the inner circle of the Bush Administration, if they still can't find anything to “disprove” its fallacy. Come to think of it, how do you disprove the truth? There is a saying in Arabic that one can keep on lying, until one becomes totally convinced that the lie is the only truth in the world that exists. Is that the problem? It seems that the next Presidential elections may be our only hope for reaching the end of the boring WMD fairy tale. Wake up, America!