HRITC organizes training course for journalists [Archives:2004/717/Local News]

March 4 2004

As part of its special program, the Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC) is to organize a two-week training course for journalists beginning from early March 2004. It will focus on human rights and how to convey principles of human rights via media instruments, especially television and radio.
The course will also concentrate on the use of technical techniques such as short videotapes, using experts from Italy and Yemen.
The course also aims to teach participants how to use video and produce short films to be used to spread principles of human rights. There will be twenty participants from the media.
The course is considered as a development of information and human rights programs that have been presented by the HRITC since 2000 and included many courses especially for journalists. The course is to be held in coordination with The Institute for Information Training and Qualification and Democratic grants Program (NED).