Human Rights Conference in Muscat [Archives:2003/696/Local News]

December 22 2003

Minister of Human Rights, Ms Amatalaleem Assooswah, represented Yemen in the 3-day Human Rights Conference convened in Muscat on Sunday, 14/12/2003. The Conference was inaugurated by the Omani Minister Ms Ayishah Bint Khalfan Al-Siyabiyyah, Director of Handicraft Industries Corporation. Ms Assooswah delivered a speech in which she emphasized support of the Yemeni Government represented by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, for human rights and women in Yemen. The Yemeni Constitution guaranteed women a wide variety of rights which realized important improvements in equality process between genders. The Minister said that the Yemeni Constitution opened the way for women to high ranking positions in the central as well as local governments where she holds posts of minister, deputy minister, Member of Parliament, diplomat, attorney, academician, physician, engineer, etc.
Yemeni women are also active in leaderships of political parties and civil society organizations, so they could keep abreast of the fast economic, social, and cultural changes, the Minister explained. The Minister gave examples of policies the Government adopted to support human rights in general, and women in particular where it aimed at the process of equality between men and women based on Islamic Shari'a (Law), National Laws, International Human Rights Declaration, and Treaties of Eradicating Discrimination Against Women ratified by Yemen in 1984. In addition, the Government established strategies, which enhance the role the woman as an active and vital social force creating new work opportunities in some ministries, and improving current ones, the Minister said. She emphasized the importance of cooperation between Yemeni and Omani women. Ms Assooswah was received by the Omani Minister for Social Development where bilateral relations were reviewed especially in the field of human rights. The Omani Minister was impressed by the Yemeni experience in this field, and successes Yemeni women realized. They exchanged wishes for continued successes in both countries. Dr. Swaibiyyah Bint Ahmad Al-Barwani, Omani Deputy Minister of Social Development attended the meeting. 35 Governmental and non-governmental organizations attended the Conference including Members of Parliament, and various Deputy Ministers.