I am boycotting “Yemen Times” [Archives:2003/630/Letters to the Editor]

April 7 2003

Christina Henning
[email protected]

On the editorial published in issue 629 entitled “What Americans Should Think About”:
a) Your opinion in this issue about Americans is drenched in bias and generalizations. It is deceitful, condescending, and full of the editors fancy.
b) I never thought that the Yemen Times would run with the pack.
c) If these kind of demonstrations were held against your own government, thousands would be killed, tortured, and the rest would end up in prison.
d) What captures a good writer's attention is not what everyone else sees. A good writer recognizes larger trends, deeper truths about the way human beings behave.
e) I am against this war. But I am also against your coverage of it for reasons stated in point (a).
f) To voice my objection, I am no longer reading your paper until you guys straighten up and get back on track.
P.S. “It is easy enough for a man/woman to walk who has a horse. The invalid is not to be pitied who has a cure up his/her sleeve.”
“The invalid” according to the editor, is the short-sighted, un-informed, refusing to stand up, mousy, dim-witted, Americans. “My cure” is boycotting your paper until further notice.
I'm only half American. But you guys make me want to go out and hang up an American flag. And from the looks of the lines at the American Embassy during my visits, 1/2 of Yemen wants to come here.
Furthermore, I am not at all in support of the invasion of Iraq. However, you must know that the anger of the Yemeni people, (and tanked up by you), is misplaced. Psychiatric language; “transference.”
I am very disappointed in the psychological manipulation of your people.
I have known Dr. Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf personally. I don't think that he would have resorted to the kind of tactics the Yemen Times has displayed recently. May Dr. Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf rest in peace