I disagree with Mr. Lindh [Archives:2005/807/Letters to the Editor]

January 13 2005

Don Barrick
[email protected]

I have read letters from Robert Lindh, for some time now, without comment. However, his letter in the December 27th issue of Yemen Times sparked a particular note of concern.

It should be noted that I adamantly disagree with the policies of President Bush, with regard to the Middle East. But it should also be noted that there appears to be little question but that Mr. Lindh has absolutely no particular political or philosophical leanings, other than an attempt to instill fear and hatred.

His periodic rantings have little to do with concrete evidence, and much more to do with ignorance. Mr. Lindh's pompous, frequent assertions that the U.S. is on a mission to commit genocide against Moslems is completely unfounded. Moslems are not beheaded in Washington; they are not lined up and shot in New York; they are not bombed in Los Angeles.

All of these instances have, on the other hand, occurred in largely Islamic countries. Moreover, it is the U.S. press, the U.S. military and the U.S. court system that has publicized, investigated and is continuing to seek justice, for the atrocious actions against Moslem prisoners in Iraq. When was the last time that such publicity and care has been taken to carry out similar self-examination and punishment on the part of a Moslem nation?

If the Yemen Times feels it must publicize his verbal ravings – as it probably should continue to do, in order to protect a semblance of free speech and press – I would beseech others to ignore such irresponsible and destructive dribble. The U.S. is not perfect, by far. But Mr. Lindh's continual, vehement and violent-sparking condemnations are disgusting and verge on the obscene.