I have a Secret! [Archives:2005/869/Community]

August 18 2005

By yemenvista
If you have ever told someone: ” I have a Secret! Please keep it between me and you” then please continue reading. If you never said that, which is less likely, then you are a secret keeper and you don't need to go further.

I believe that secret can be divided into two types and two categories. The two types are: Temporary secrets, the ones that may stay as a secret for a day, a year or ten years. The other type is: Permanent secrets, the ones that you keep for life, the ones you die with. Al hamdulilah those ones are either few or do not exist.

The two categories are: First, the secret that belongs to you and your heart is where it lives and dies. The second is the secret that can be told to a very limited number of trusted people for severe reasons.

I will go a little further in explaining the two categories; Your secret, and the secret you have been told by someone and must be kept as a secret.

Your secret!

The one that you must keep for yourself only, the one that no ones needs to know about, the one that is so private, examples are: your important decisions, your private planning, your sins, your love and marriage issues etc. and one of the golden rules that you must follow in this issue is the Hadeeth of the Prophet, peace be upon him and his family, ” Get help by being secretive to reach your goals”.

Something important has to be mentioned here, sometimes we get so irritated from keeping our own secrets, we don't feel relaxed unless we tell someone about it! And when they reveal it, we blame them! If our chests was too small and narrow to keep our own secrets then why do we blame others for doing so!

Others' secrets!

Sometimes you need to seek advice about an issue that might be a secret. Or someone came to you and told you a secret that helped you stay away from trouble. In this case secret traveled from one's heart to another. Will your heart keep others' secrets as you keep yours?

I have to mention a very important point right here, when you have a secret that must be told to someone then please choose right! People are like metal some like gold and some like iron, gold stays for ever and iron gets corroded. Choose a person who keeps other people's secrets more than he keeps his own secrets. Its true that this needs a lot of testing and experience but eventually you can find someone.

An example for that is a story I read once, that someone told one of his friends about a secret and after he finished he asked his friend: Did you understand? He said: No I did not! He asked him again: will you remember what I told you? He said: I already forgot!

You must also know that a secret that travels between more than three hearts is not a secret. It is safer to put more locks on your treasure box but it is not safer to put your secret in many hearts.

Two examples come to my mind when I talk about keeping secrets. Dick Cheney the American vice president and Abdul-Kadir Bajammal the Yemeni prime minister.

Dick Cheney, the U.S. vice president is well known for his secrecy. Just before the Gulf war in 1990, Colin Powell was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he was asked about what plans of war are going in the mind of Mr. Cheney, the Secretary of Defense at that time. He said “I don't really know!” Cheney comes from the White House and doesn't even tell the Chairman of the army about what goes in his mind.

The people who sit with Mr. Abdul-Kadir Bajammal say that the person is very talkative and that he talks for hours and hours. What is amazing is that all this time he doesn't say a word about his job or any of the secrets of his work! He tells them stories here and there, but never reveals a secret!

These examples are somewhat opposite but both guys did not reach what they reached without being secretive! I prefer the second example because it is the best combination! People don't get bored sitting with you and at the same time, they don't get a word you don't want to say!!!

One last thing to mention here; If there are thousands of words, sentences and issues that you can talk about with people, why do you have to choose secrets to talk about?!