I lost the queen [Archives:2006/955/Community]

June 15 2006

By: Abdulkarim Ahmed Dida
Every day and night

I couldn't forget my queen

Because I love her

Mylove is real, clear, sincere

Beyond all imagination

Do you know why?

Because she's the best one

In this world

All is bright and shining

With one like her

She doesn't leave my brain

She still lives in my heart

That is still beating with her love

She's my eyes which I can see every thing

In this life with

She's my soul which is moving inside my body

Through my blood

I punish myself and I live with my pain

Because I lost my queen

And my real love

I always wanted to talk with her

But, when I see her I can't talk with her

Because I am embarrassed, so

I lost her

I pray and ask my God to return

Her to me

Because I can't live without her

Surely, I can't because I really love her

Yes, I love her