I was shocked [Archives:2004/712/Letters to the Editor]

February 16 2004

Abdulaslam Hidarh
[email protected]

As i was reading your recent headline, i was shocked what the saudi prince had to say.
We really don't need the gulf cooperation. We have everthing in yemen, except that we Yemenis are very lazy. We like to build other countries and not yemen, because we are not united.
Yemen has the best location, land, sea, and natural rescources.
We need to a club to be called the (Yemen improvement club) for the people who want to improve Yemen and to see it shine like bright star and rise to the world top.
I want to see the 2 gardens back and the best tourist location and where history start and where the first skyscriper was build from dust.
Vist this location for more information:
We have long history but we are not working hard to improve it and lack of edcuation.