ICRC breaks Yemeni female detainees’ isolation [Archives:2007/1067/Local News]

July 12 2007

By: Amel Al-Ariqi

Sana'a, July 8 ) The director of jails authority, Ali Naser Lkhsha'a, revealed that 727women have been released from the central jails in all over the governorates of Yemen – during 2006. Only 177 have been sentenced, whereas others have been released during the investigation processes.

“Unfortunately there is no special utilities at police stations to hold the women who are seized for interrogating or investigation …so they are put at custody until the end of the investigation” stated Lkhsha'a in a workshop hold in Monday to discuss the female prisoners status in Yemen. He emphasized on the importance of such facilities especially for women whose entrance to custody may make their community discarding them. Therefore