Identity thief wrote in my name:”SOS: from Yemenis in India” denied [Archives:2003/665/Letters to the Editor]

September 4 2003

Sameh Abdulgalil Shaher Alariqi
[email protected]

I would like to clarify that a person used my name when sending his letter to the editor of Yemen Times. His letter was entitled 'SOS call from students in India' sent from email ([email protected]). The letter was published in issue 663 on August 28. The sender practiced identity theft and said things in my name that I would never have said. I have nothing to do with the letter and who sent it, whose email is not mine. He even misspelled my own name.I hope you would publish this denial clarifying that the letter and its contents were not mine.
The letter does not represent me at all.It was written and sent in a cowardly and unethical fashion by an identity thief, who has offended personalities that I appreciate and have good relations with.