If only my country would get better [Archives:2004/797/Letters to the Editor]

December 9 2004

Doaa Alkhorgaini
[email protected]

I am a refugee in England. I am a full and genuine Yemeni who used to live in Aden, but problems and violence erupted there, I had to flee and immigrate to the UK with my family. Ever since, I lived happily here where life standards are higher. But 9 years after I left Yemen, I started to think of coming back again. I miss my wonderful country and its people. But I am hesitant. I hear of so many problems facing people in Yemen and I wish the country would progress and become a decent country to live in so many other immigrants and I would return again. I hope that the day when Yemen becomes a great country once again, we will all be reunited with our motherland.