If women are repressed Don’t blame Islam [Archives:2004/794/Opinion]

November 29 2004

Alawi Abullah Abu Bakir Taha
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

I have read a recent letter written by S. Zeschky titled 'a request about Nadia Mohsen. I'd like to reply to Zeschky.
First, you and everyone has the right to request but what you don't have the right in doing, is labeling the Muslim nation with pure ignorance and I quote from your own words:
“Moslems: A religious sect where a bunch of good-for-nothing men like to demonstrate their manhood by suppressing, raping and physically punishing their women. On their own they would not be able manage anything. – Far beyond civilization and worse than in the Stone Age.”
Shall we bring some facts to your attention? The Arabs use to kill their newborn daughters and it is only when Islam, through the leadership of Muhammad and the guidance from God that this was abolished. Only through Islam was this done this and stopped.
Secondly, while women in the western world were not allowed to vote, were not allowed to have their name on the wealth of their husband, were not allowed to speak their mind, Islam was far ahead of your world and liberated Muslim women to have God given rights. Man is the oppressor NOT Islam!
It women have the right to vote, it gave the Muslim women right to speak, be heard instead of being a product, a tool, a doormat, to such that even when one of the Kalifahs, spoke about something concerning the dowry, a woman stood up and spoke it was her God given right to ask as much dowry she wanted, and so the leader responded that she spoke the truth, and delighted by her wisdom.
Aisha one of the mothers of the believers, was also a shining star for the Muslim nation; for men and women as a wise, legendary teacher many came for advice when Muhammad died.
Islam took women from what barbaric men once treated them as nothing but dirt, to noble creatures to be treated with respect and honour, and raised high, to such, men and women are equal in the sight of God in righteousness, and he or she is better in righteousness is known to God, Allah the All Mighty alone.
If anything happens and its wrong, then blame it not on Islam but the hypocrisy of men and corrupt governments. You didn't do that instead went one step further and mentioned 'Muslims.'
You label me, my fathers, my forefathers, my mother, my grandmother and the many brothers and sisters in Islam who sacrifice their whole lives enriching the British community in UK by giving their many hours to nurture their children because the education system teaches to only consume information not to think!
Thirdly, what you call and I quote again from your words “on their own they would not be able manage anything. – Far beyond civilization and worse than in the Stone Age.”
I laughed at this one because it was the western world that was in the Stone Age Zeschky. Your world were still throwing dirt into the streets, didn't have toilets, the disease were coming from the rivers while the Muslims were great inventors, scientists, legendary astrologists and had a true understanding about nature, the universe. Here's where I teach you about the influences of the “stone age” world you talk about, and simplify it for you:
Between the ancient civilizations, namely the Egyptians, Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian, and Chinese, and the Renaissance era in Europe, there was a gap, commonly called “the dark ages”, during which the flame was lit and raised, not by the West. Far from it Zeschky but by another culture and people called the Muslims. The very people you quoted as, “On their own they would not be able manage anything.”
Abu-Bakr Mohammaed Ibn-Zakaria Al-Razi 841-926 A.D, known to the Western World as Razes. He was the chief physician in Baghdad. His books on medicine were translated into Latin, French, Italian, Hebrew, and Greek. He wrote a treatise on measles and smallpox called “de Peste or de Pestilentia” which was translated to Latin in 1565 A.D. It is a masterpiece in clinical medicine (Browne 1962). It describes the clinical difference between the two diseases so vividly that nothing since has been added (Keys 1971).
And I can give you, hundreds, to thousands that invented, that liberated men and women, that traveled to the four corners of the world, that discovered America before Columbus did, that stood and even terrified the Emperors of Rome. Knowledge that was either burnt, duplicated, stolen by the western that live in the dark ages!
Next time Zeschky, aim your words at the corruption of the Yemeni government to the Yemeni government not the Islam because that's what you did very slyly, and then label it on Islam. It is the ignorant men who do not adhere to the true call of Islam that treat our people like animals especially when a journalist are being imprisoned and treated like animals. That's what you should have said because that's the truth but you didn't use your head.
Just because its an Arab country and the man on the system and ruling it Arab and has a Muslim doesn't mean, he will implement 'shariah' law to give women their rights. The stench of government corruption is also the mirror of society not the mirror of religion, but a spiritual decline and their lack of being pro-activeness and caring for each other, that overwhelms the nation itself to be nothing but a puppet of their egos and selfishness.
Islam is pure, truth but when handed to man, it must be a man that lives for God alone to serve his people. The government doesn't serve its people but takes from them, and so the cycle begins in which people also take for just themselves from others.