Illiteracy eradication consultative meeting [Archives:2004/760/Local News]

August 2 2004

The third Consultative meeting of the Director General for illiteracy eradication and elders teaching in Sana'a will start on Monday 2nd Aug. 2004. The meeting will be attended by more than 22 directors from different governorates of the Republic. This meeting continues for three days and will be devoted to discussing the forth coming activities of the illiteracy eradication and elders teaching in the whole Republic's governorates and expanding its teaching events by accepting a larger number of candidates in illiteracy classes in addition to reviewing and discussing the newly admitted syllabuses for 2004/2005. Additionally, the meeting will draw up the future plan for subsequent years and review what the illiteracy eradication bureaus have achieved in their Governorates for 2004 and 2003.