Illiteracy: reason for Arab backwardness [Archives:2004/766/Letters to the Editor]

August 23 2004

Karina A.
Today while at work I got bored and started to surf the Internet and while surfing, I for some reason went to Yemen Times news online to read letters to the editor (my favorite section of the Yemen Times newspaper). Unfortunately there were no letters sent to the editor in this issue.
While trying to see what was worthy of reading in this issue, my eye caught a glimpse of an article
by the editor of Yemen Times Mr Walid Saqqaf titled “Misconception about our pride”.
I was stunned about the honesty with which the editor has written.
Unfortunately the issue about pride affects many Arabs as well as many Muslims. Pride in what one owns or has is one of the reasons I believe we as Muslims are far behind when it comes to the developing world. People do not make an effort to develop their mind or educate themselves further in order to achieve something in life. The rich person keeps getting rich for himself and for his children (which is not a bad thing) but not good for his society.
Its sad that In many Arab and Muslim countries that a person is valued for his money whereas little attention is given to his/her knowledge. Education is not invested in. Governments are corrupt. In conclusion I would say that society is backward because of illiteracy.