I’m concerned about US policy [Archives:2004/731/Letters to the Editor]

April 22 2004

K. Wentworth
[email protected]

I am very concerned about my government's policies in the Middle East. I wish to express to those who read Yemen Times that not all Americans support what our government is doing here. There are many groups who are working against such actions and who are working to elect someone new during the November elections. I hope that Yemenis realize that it is our government and not necessarily the people who are implementing policies in the Middle East. I implore you not to hate Americans, but rather to use the resources you have available, including this newspaper, to show Americans exactly what is happening. It is through such mediums that I have educated myself and changed my opinion. I use to believe the Middle Easterners were just ignorant of the issues they face. I have definitely learned this is not true. My only fear is for Americans in your area and the tendency to blame individuals who may not have ever supported this government. Please understand that if there are Americans in Yemen, then most likely they do not have ill feelings against Middle Easterners, or they would not be there! I know that learned Yemenis would understand this, however, just like in the U.S., there are many uneducated people who equate government or group actions as being in line with the beliefs of everyone from the place where those people originate without looking to see the whole story. I thank you for your newspaper and will continue to read with interest.