Immediate action is needed [Archives:2006/910/Letters to the Editor]

January 9 2006

Yousif S. Toma
EPSP Manager
[email protected]

I wish to express my appreciation for your editorials in Yemen Times, especially when you write about the economic situation of the country. I am responsible for a German supported programme for the development of the private sector. I hate to read and hear every day that “Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world”. I say to my colleagues, that South Korea and Switzerland are examples for poor countries (lack of natural resources), but not Yemen. As you as the chief editor of Yemen Times have stated repeatedly, Yemen does not lack resources, Yemen lacks political will and good governance. Strong political will and respective action are urgently needed to establish good governance, to combat qat, corruption, carelessness in the public sector, illiteracy, low level of education and skills among the mass of the people and to change those attitudes that are not conducive for economic and social development. These are only some of the areas where immediate action is needed.

Considering the high rate of population growth, the shortage of water resources and declining oil production, Yemen does not have much time to solve its problems. Immediate action is needed if peace and stability have to be maintained and conditions for a decent live for the coming generations are to be secured.

Best regards and wishes for a happy and prosperous new year for the Yemen Times team and the people of Yemen.