Impressed by “Will she continue?” [Archives:2004/765/Letters to the Editor]

August 19 2004

Abdulwahab Al-Sofi
[email protected]

I was impressed by the short story of aspiration called “will she continue?”. I share the same feelings of fatheah Abdulkareem regarding her impression issued on 29th July 2004 in the culture page. I take those lines written by her to heart and they remind me of many sores. What a compassionate moment embracing your child is. What happiness, when I hug with open arms a little child. It is just gladness. It may not be accurately portrayed by words as it is an ecstatic gushing powerful feeling. That is why we may lose our mind to see those children carrying their heavy school bags and walking in heavy traffic. Some of them cannot take a bus to go to school, they walk to school in the burning sunshine because of poverty. Others ask people to give them ten rails for the bus. I wish I had a son or a daughter; I would not only carry them on my shoulders to school, but also will buy an umbrella to keep them under shade. Unfortunately, they have not come to me yet. I am still waiting for them however old I am, when will they come? Allah knows. I can not but wipe my tears and Allah's will be done.