Impression about Yemen H. E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Mr. Hector Argiles Perez [Archives:1999/33/Law & Diplomacy]

August 16 1999

We thank the opportunity that it has given us the newspaper Yemen Times to offer our impressions on the Republic of Yemen.
We should begin expressing that we admire the history of Yemen and their links with the civilization and the culture of the Arabic peoples. An aspect and characteristic that we wish to mention is how the people of Yemen observes and defends their cultural traditions, fundamental element that identifies the integrity of the nation and its historical roots, important issue that it must go unite and without be separated from the economic development, social and scientific of the country and that we observe that in the daily life of the Yemeni people are expressed clearly these feelings and expressions of its history, its culture and traditions.
Being an Arabic and Islamic country, Yemen represents in their culture the expression of their faith, ideas and experiences, in addition to their philosophy and objective; the culture is in fact the sum of those spiritual and material characteristics that in a way or other are linked with the culture of the Islamic Arabic world.
These cultural principles are for the Yemeni people the basic points and the source for their cultural and scientific development.
Many of the problems that today face some developed countries such as the drug, the prostitution and the alcoholism are not presented as a fundamental and serious problem for the Yemeni society. As country of the third world and in development process, the Yemeni society faces difficulties of social and economic character. However the country haven natural wealth as oil, gas, fishing and their geographical position. The projection on the development and uses of those wealth will be fundamental factor for the economic and social development of the country.
In the last years is appreciated that the economy is recovered and advanced, the economic indicators reached in 1998, show advances compared with previous years, logically the obtained achievements are not sufficient neither they are those which the country aspires. But what is most important is the adequate planning of the resources of the fact that has the country, its projection and development and the use its benefits in favor of the development economic and social, and the programs for the educational development, to improve the plans for the life conditions of the population, the health of the people and the development of the science, tasks in those which be program continued paying attention and advancing toward goals superior.
The Republic of Yemen, commemorated the past 22 of May a new Anniversary of the Unification of Yemen, step that we consider important in the achievement of the unit of the people yemenita, their cultural loops, religious and historical, basic aspects for the economic development programs, social, cultural and political that they have been proposed to reach.
The Republic of Yemen, it has taken steps solid and positive upon solving in a way peaceful and through the politic dialogue that they have been presented. In that sense has provided experiences and important initiatives that contribute to the stability and safety, not alone of the region, but reaffirm that is the way to solve conflicts that emerge in the international framework and that contribute to maintain the world peace.
The democracy represents for each country a determinant aspect to achieve the participation of the people in the election of their local address organs, and at level of the all country. Actions routed to fulfill these objectives are basic aspects in the achievement of the democratic and free expression of each citizen. What without place to doubts contribute to the internal unit of all the country?
The effort that accomplishes the Republic of Yemen in that sense is laudable, each country according to their own characteristic has the right sovereign of choosing the administrative political mechanisms that offer the greater participation of the people, based on the participant democracy and the free opinion.
Remain no doubt that the next presidential elections are framed in these efforts that are accomplished in Yemen and constitutes an important activity in the democratic process that it has been come developing.
Finally, we want to underline that we have found in the people of Yemen in their governmental, political and social institutions expressiveness of friendship, support and solidarity towards the Cuban people. Actually they are not presented obstacles for the development of the relationships of cooperation between the two countries. It is part of the political will of both governments and peoples, something which is the determinant factor of the desire of widening and strengthening the relationships of collaboration and friendship.