In brief [Archives:2006/1007/Local News]

December 14 2006

NY Times: Yemen is an exciting tourism destination

Dec. 12 ) The New York Times selected Yemen to be the most exciting tourism destination in 2007 for adventure-seekers, noting that most parts of Yemen are still virgin and saturated with an original culture and amazing scenery. They add that Socotra Island is a must visit for its natural beauty.

Road accidents kill over 2,000 and injure 11,000

Dec. 10 ) The road accidents, which took place in different Yemeni governorates, killed 2,180 people and injured up to 11,000 people including women and children. The registered traffic accidents numbered up to 780 in different Yemeni governorates during November. There were 206 deaths and 1,250 injuries in different road accidents during this past November. The registered traffic accidents between January and November 2006 amounted up to 6,425 in different parts of the country. These accidents killed 2,180 people, injured more than 11,000 others.

Aden International tourism cooperation

Dec.13 ) Aden Community College agreed with tourist and hostelry colleges in Jordan and Egypt to make mutual relations between each in the field of tourism. Nadim Al-Uzaibi, head of the tourism department in Aden community College, said he talked with the staff of the two colleges during visits in early in December about cooperation and exchange visits and experiences in tourism as well as improving the tourism department in Aden Community College

Amran Workshop on women healthcare

Dec. 13 ) There was a five-day course for healthcare in Al-Aslah Social Charity Foundation with cooperation from the UNFPA. The course focused on the importance of healthcare for mothers and on giving women their political rights so they can participate in society development. Over 20 trainees participated in the course representing different social organizations in Amran and a social specialist trainer from Jordan was invited to train the participants with experience in social development to decrease the gap between men and women.

Hadramout Belgian assistance for historical protection

Dec.13 ) Gov. Abdulqader Hilal, of Hadramout, met the non-resident ambassador of Belgium and reviewed the objectives of Belgium ambassador visit to Hadramout which aims to identify the required projects that could be supported by Belgium, particularly in the field antiques, museums and the historical protection as well the need for some micro-enterprise. The Belgium diplomat expressed his admiration of the achievements and development in Hadramout governorate and the rich historical potential he has seen in some districts. Hilal welcomed such cooperation between the two countries and he called Belgium businessmen to come to invest in Yemen.

Hodeidah Symposiums on violence against children

Dec.12 ) Yemeni Family Care Association organized a number of symposiums to identify violence against children. The program coordinator in Hodeidah, Mohammad Hassan Jazem, said the symposiums aimed to define violence against children, its forms, negative affects, good ways of bringing up children and the reasons of violence. Over 120 participants from different civil societies were introduced to practical means and ways for fighting violence against children and the positive solutions to this problem.