In brief [Archives:2007/1041/Local News]

April 12 2007


– Educators receive honors

April 10 ) The Higher Celebration Committee in the Ministry of Education decided to honor as many as 750 male and female teachers on the occasion of the Teacher Day which is on April 28. On a Monday's meeting, chaired by Abdulaziz Saleh Bin Habtour, Deputy Minister of Education, the committee received the registers of teachers from the ministry's premises and other governorates who deserve honors for their hard work. Furthermore, the committee decided to deliver the bonuses to the outstanding teachers in other governorates by post. Also, it discussed multiple tasks which have been achieved during the meeting.


– Coastguards seize Somali boats

April 10 ) Yemeni coastguards arrested a few days ago two Somali boats along with their crews including 10 pirates. The two ships were found carrying some 120 refugees to Balhaf area, Shabwa governorate, after search operations by the Yemeni coastguards aboard two boats in the international waters. The boats intercepted the Somali boats and seized them after chasing them for six hours. During the search operations, the Yemeni coastguards freed a woman who was kidnapped by the pirates from among the refugees.


– Workshop on president's platform

April 10 ) Hadramout University for Science and Technology on Monday organized a workshop on the platform of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the means of its implementation. The workshop was chaired by Omar Bamashmous, rector of the university and attended by large numbers of students from the university. Opening the workshop, Bamashmous briefed the attendants on the effective management to improve the economic and investing climate in Yemen. He said that the university plans to organize four workshops to increase awareness of people about Saleh's platform.


– Al-Sa'eed Foundation to announce winners

April 11 ) Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Science and Culture said that it is due to announce on upcoming Sunday the results of the contest for winning the late Hayel Sa'eed Anam's Award for Science and Arts in its second version, reported. It added that the board of trustees and the general secretariat of late Hayel Sa'eed Anam's Award for Science and Culture plans to organize a news conference for announcing the winners. The conference is scheduled to take place at the Hall of Best Western Hotel in Hadda Area, west of the capital Sunday 10:00 a.m.


– Two injured as police open fire on qat sellers

April 11 ) Two people have been reportedly injured when policemen of Cairo Police Station in Aden governorate opened fire on many qat sellers at Al-Mansoura Market on Monday. According to local sources, the security authorities took the victims, Nayef Abdullah Ali and Farouq Abdulah, from the hospital to the Criminal Investigation Bureau's Jail for investigation, not taking into consideration that they are wounded. The sources said that the police opened fire on qat sellers under the pretext that they evade paying taxes.