In brief [Archives:2007/1048/Local News]

May 7 2007


Dengue Fever in Hudeidah

May 6 ) Doctors in private and government hospitals in Hudeidah suspect a spread of Dengue fever epidemic. A number of patients have been admitted to the hospitals with symptoms of high fever, strong headaches, low white blood cell count and skin rash among other symptoms.

KSA Security

Investigation visits Yemen

May 6 ) Prince Abdulaziz bin Hamad bin Abdulaziz deputy Saudi security investigation authority is currently on an official visit to Yemen. He has met with the president as well as security authority figures to discuss investigation and security issues between the two countries.


Two kids die and more than 10 injured in a bomb explosion

May 5 ) In a back alley behind Al-THawra hospital in Taiz, four kids were killed and more than 10 were injured after fiddling with a hand grenade. The kids were collecting plastic bags and bottles to sell them to recycling factories when one found the grenade and started hitting it against the floor in order to see what's inside it.


Old man caught sneaking explosives into army camp

May 5 ) Securities captured an old man carrying a box of explosives while trying to enter an army camp in Ataq. The senior man claimed he is there to visit his sons and is carrying a box of dates for them. The security searched the box and found explosives hidden behind a layor of dates.


Prisoners demand justice

May 5 ) Thirty four detainees in Dhamar prison in charges of being affiliated to Al-Houthi rebels in Sa'ada demanded their release. They called on civil society and human rights organization to investigate their detention which has lasted more than three months since February, claiming that it is based on false accusations.


Coastguards training

mission completed

May 5 ) The French military ship (Daj) left Aden harbor on Saturday carrying 30 Yemeni coastguards for training mission. The training comes within the framework of the mutual military cooperation between Yemen and France.

Qat dealers form

a union in Aden

May 5 ) An official labor union for Qat dealers in Aden was announced this week in Sira governorate. The announcement came from the Yemeni labor union's branch in Aden in attempt to protect the rights of Qat sellers and retailers and regulate this business.


Mass wedding preparation

for 440 couples

May 6 ) On the occasion of the Yemeni Unity anniversary taking place this year in Ibb, preparations are on going to facilitate the marriage for 440 couples. The weddings which are sponsored by the governorate and organized by the Endowment office will take place on the 23rd of this month. The brides and grooms to be are among those working in the endowment sector or those with special requirements.



against land raids

May 5 ) Tens of citizens from Beer Jabar of Tibn district marched in a demonstration, denouncing the raid on their lands by the authorities and influential people under the pretext of fake associations.

A press statement issued by the leaders in the area complained that some influential people claimed the lands for the sake of building associations and started building small block rooms in them. They demanded the governorate to take action immediately and set the record straight.